Progress and The Interpretation of Dreams

I am getting SO excited about my "Almost Cowl" sweater. Its great whipping up anything that involves a set of circulars and no seams. Its pure genius. Just two more inches on the raglan increases and I get to join the body. This pattern is uber-cute, I kid you not, and I've been dying to make it ever since I first started practicing on hats this winter. Thanks to Mom, a large contingent of friends and family were recipients of hats and beanies this spring. Lucky for them, I've moved onto sweaters. Someday soon, I will join the rest of you in making candy-colored fun socks.

Speaking of socks, I've been known to have some crazy dreams. I remember almost all of them, but can't figure out what any of them mean. There's the usual dream where I wake up and my teeth fall out-I've read that means something about stress and organization, but its scary enough. Then there's the more terrifying dreams, like the time the gypsies stole my underwear, but that's for another time.

Last night I dreamt of bloggers, yes bloggers! And we were at a picnic, showing off our accomplishments (I'm always amazed at the creativity of knitters and spinners), when my Mom (Blogless Sharon) and Carole pull out of their baskets these crazy knee-high socks. Now these were the epitomy of artsy, and please tell me if you have seen anything like it, because I have no freakin' idea how I dreamt this up: Carole's pair were in shades of green and brown (very autumny) with felted oak leaves all the way up to the knee. My mother had a pair of knee socks in christmas colors with felted holly leaves and little red berries covering them too. I woke up as I was rushing to grab my camera so I could blog the moment later...And believe it or not, if someone was crafty or crazy enough to make these, I would most definitely wear them. But what does it mean????


Carole said...

I think it means your a sock designer at heart. You need to design those patterns!



JessaLu said...

it means yer wierd...(just kidding, heh)

I've no idea - but I think your mom's right, you should draw a picture ;o)