My Little Blob

It is so funny how unblobby he has become lately. In fact, he's getting so darn good at amusing himself that I am quickly running out of excuses for not knitting. The best reason at this time is that he is in the habit of grabbing anything nearby and coating it immediately with baby slime.

He's also a magnet for anything and everything furry, which clings to his little chin like whickers, so my favorite fuzzy alpaca blends are not a good selection at this time. Nonetheless, while I may not be entering anything fabulous at the upcoming fairs this summer, I really look forward to seeing what everyone else submits.

On a different topic, shall we say 'scatterbrain,' for the umpteenth time this year, I have walked into work and realized that I put on the wrong color pants. In the dark this morning, I thought I was matching brown on brown. One hour, a cup of MaryLou's, and some neon lighting later I see the pants are black. The shoes are brown. Oh mercy.

To the Zoo

Ever wonder how many kinds of animal fur can be spun? This question was posed at least once or twice last week. With giraffe, bison, longhorn, camels; you name it. So I'm just throwing that in so there is at least something knit-related on here.
The Roger Williams Park Zoo is a fantastic place for kids. And adults. I can't remember ever going to a zoo, so when Blogless Sharon suggested we play hooky last week I was up for it. LBB was too, but since it was so hot most of the critters were laying in the shade. And that was not so fascinating for an infant who is accustomed to bells, whistles, and a mommy that perpetually jumps around and dances in order to win his smiles. (I admit it. I'm a smilaholic.)
But we put on our best safari outfits. And spied on the cheetah, wildebeest, and even a few of those tail-less monkeys. The name escapes me now, but they were cute.
We prowled the gift shop until LBB picked out a stuffed penguin by gummiffication.
gummiffication (n) the process in which an infant pulls multiple items of interest off shelves in order to find a toy of preference. This selection is usually indicated by a large dollop of drool placed on the object.

I left my damn camera at home! If I hadn't, you would see crazy babe and bloglessSharon with wild animals. But you will soon. I promise. And I will be here more often. Another promise.

So I was talking about kids with someone this weekend, which I constantly do now that I have one. You would think I was the expert on mommyhood the way i talk, but really am more an example of what NOT to do. I'm sure other parents are horrified by us. But we lucked out. Somehow we ended up with a foolproof child, and no matter how hard I try to screw this parenting thing up, the more wonderful he is. Or maybe he's just a nut like me, which is wonderful in my eyes.

But I was sayin' KIDS.
Aw hell. Lost my train of thought.
Just look at the cute baby.
And I'll find something knitworthy to talk about tomorrow.

An Enigmatic Post

Hello from the land of non-blog. Its been a tumultuous few weeks, filled with developmental changes in LBB, family drama, work work work, fun times with friends, and least of all, knitting. I'm resuming my work on the hooded sweater for baby's first christmas, in hope of entering it in the Barnstable County Fair, since their critieria includes the work be done sometime in the past year. Yah, I'm sure people cheat, but to maintain my own integrity, I'd like to stick to the rules. And the other projects I have done this year have been mostly quick, simple stuff-hats, scarves, arm warmers. However, with the sleeves and hood to go, and very little time to do it (basically during naptime) it is a bit up in the air.

My little sweatpea is wonderful as ever- healthy, strong, and extremely energetic. He now eats a bit of rice cereal every day, but mostly to oblige his parents. He still prefers the buuub, which is just fine with me, since it is easiest on his tummy. He also has discovered his voice and the ability to rise and drop in pitch, which he does in a hilarious parrot-like sqwauuuck for hours at a time.

And of course, much to my excitement he has developed great manual dexterity, and can now use one hand to hold or steady an object while he manipulates it with the other hand, so he can grasp, shake, and spin his toys without smacking himself in the face constantly. It gives me great hope that we may someday be sitting in a mommy-and-me violin class. If he likes that. I won't make him. Um.

He also sleeps quite peacefully through the night.

But with all this wonder and beauty in my life, there are also some challenges. I have a big "WWJD" test ahead of me-a moral dilemma you might say. In fact, when I look at my life aside from these troubles I can say that every week is quite clear, uncluttered, and pleasant. My home is a beautiful sanctuary by the sea-with a wonderful loving husband, and beautiful son. If you would permit me to get a bit Christian on yo' I would say that all of a sudden my life has been disrupted by something villainous and quite evil. The question is, what part of this is the actual evil? The source that has passed on rumors or information and thereby raised this wicked speculation in my mind? Or the people or subject in question? One of them is cruel, awful, and deceitful. But which one? I've been trying for weeks to wrap my mind around this, and what to do.

One thing is certain, the wrong thing for me to do at this point would be to walk away. The implications this has raised are terrible, that to not find out the truth I would inadvertently be causing someone great harm. To look the other way would be wrong. I'm hoping this all amounts to nothing, but sadly, history is not pointing in that direction. So while I wait for the evidence to arrive I am lost and confused about what would be the right thing to do. Normally I don't meddle, in fact I have had such bad experience with meddling and those type of people, that this is completely out of my realm. My usual tactic is to cut ties completely and run.

Once I know the truth, what do I do? Some say I should just present the evidence and leave those affected by this to sort it out on their own. My own feelings are to simply keep it to myself, and never use this information for any purpose-just keep it under my hat, so to speak. And just know the true nature of these people, and thereby protect myself and my own household. If what I suspect is true, then I need to get away from those in question fast, never look back, never be involved with them again. Of course, it's never that simple though! Sorry to babble on, but I am so lost here. I never knew people could be so manipulative and dishonest. My life is about to become soooo Jerry Springer.