I left my damn camera at home! If I hadn't, you would see crazy babe and bloglessSharon with wild animals. But you will soon. I promise. And I will be here more often. Another promise.

So I was talking about kids with someone this weekend, which I constantly do now that I have one. You would think I was the expert on mommyhood the way i talk, but really am more an example of what NOT to do. I'm sure other parents are horrified by us. But we lucked out. Somehow we ended up with a foolproof child, and no matter how hard I try to screw this parenting thing up, the more wonderful he is. Or maybe he's just a nut like me, which is wonderful in my eyes.

But I was sayin' KIDS.
Aw hell. Lost my train of thought.
Just look at the cute baby.
And I'll find something knitworthy to talk about tomorrow.


Jen L. said...

He's an angel and you are a GREAT mommy!

blogless sharon said...

wheres the penguin?