Recharge, Restore, Restart

Three weeks ago I folded up my two quilting projects and moved my sewing machine out
of the kitchen. After four long months, the mister was home for a visit. Briefly. But it was a great chance to reset our batteries, remember what its like to be a family, and just focus on the kids. To escape the madness, we ran away. GREAT IDEA.

One week in the lovely Dominican Republic-just what the doctor ordered. When we arrived, I was high-strung and Little P was bouncing off the walls. By the time we left we were all rested, easy-breezing, and totally mellowed out. Its amazing what a difference it made. The baby napped outdoors next to me, caressed by that amazing tropical breeze. We were waited on and served by the most kindly patient people ever. I even stopped caring that I was walking around in a bikini with my post-baby-bod (nobody cares there!)

Now the mister is back to work, I'm positively itchin' to finish my first quilt-now just to figure out where I left off! Back to to order some more Pretty Bird for the border, I believe. I'm also anxiously awaiting my mom's gift for Nathan-she has almost completed his baby quilt, and I can tell you it is totally, wait for it..... gorgeous. One can only aspire to such greatness and skill!!! I promise to share pictures and you will agree.

You have a a bar!