There are so many things people try to tell you about having children-most of them are ominous or unpleasant. Every person who has ever had children always passed on gems of wisdom to us that made me put off being a parent more and more. Six years of marriage later, we finally took the step and said goodbye to the freedom of dual-income-no-kids (also known as DINK) and waited to see what would unfold.
The horrors of pregnancy never happened-crying, moodiness, puking, hemorroids, etc- so you all were wrong in that aspect- HA HA! The rest, however, was pretty true. Such as 'your life changes completely' and 'say goodbye to sleep.' Thank god no one told me that I would barely be able to knit, or this may have never happened!
All of this can be enjoyed if you put a positive spin on it, and this I am determined to do!
So, maybe last night I was up four times for feedings. Phil, however, is so sweet (and doesn't have that hearty cry yet) that I actually enjoy it. Sick, isn't it. And nursing is no walk in the park either. Lactation experts at the hospital LIE! The latch-on doesn't cause the pain, it is going to hurt no matter what! But on the flip side, nursing our child is the most rewarding experience, and is well worth the trouble and tears. I understand and sympathize with every woman that could not continue nursing, but urge those who want to try to stick it out-it will be worth it.

Must Love Dogs

In light of the upcoming Westminster Dog Show, I would like to share a spotlight on our beloved Scout. He will not allow me to post a letter from his perspective-he's more of the strong silent type. Instead, I'll just thank him for all his support since the arrival of our little boy.

It is his responsiblity to check on the baby every morning, and he dutifully does this by giving a soft gentle lick to the back of his head before baby's first feeding of the day.

Its also his responsibility to provide stress relief for the sleep-deprived parents, a mission that he jumps to complete at a moment's notice. So when the mommy spontaneously breaks into tears, or daddy is awakened for the fourth time for a wet diaper emergency, Scout is there for backup with the most gentle gestures of love.

Coming soon: Scout assumes management of the household food waste and disposal duties....

Back to Blogland

About six months ago a close friend, upon hearing our news, said something very unusual but true. He looked at Phil and said, "buddy, you think you love your wife? You don't even know what love means until you have your first child."

He wasn't kidding. Now I love Phil with all my heart, but I love even more what he has given to me. Its not out of the ordinary to feel overwhelmed when you just look at your infant-the emotions are out of this world. I wish I could share this accurately, but you would have to get smothered in tears and hugs.

Instead I would like to share some pictures of the proud grandparents, and one soft fuzzy hat and scarf I started at the hospital, and just finished almost three weeks later.

Its not easy to knit with one arm free...

I would like to thank you all for your sweet comments and support-it was absolutely wonderful to read while we were home the first week. It really helped to cheer me up too-big warning to future mothers-beware of those hormones the first week or two back home! That hormone let-down is a doozy! Luckily, it didn't last very long for me, but I have heard from others that it can stick around a while and really bring you down.

On a side note, if you are around on a friday night with nothing better to do, don't miss the Lou Dobb's report on CNN. Sometime in the next few weeks they will be doing a brief spotlight on my heroic hubby-I'll let you know the details, but they've told us it will air shortly. (unfortunately, his witchy wife refused to be interviewed. hmph. something about having a newborn, not having enough sleep, et cetera et cetera)

Well, that's my rambling report. Hopefully I will make more sense on the next posting...