There's little worse than having a great night out spoiled. Having your plans spoiled twice? Well, then you know it really wasn't meant to be.

I was supposed to go to the salsa club with my best bud Karen last night. I've been away from it for too long, and I had been promising her for weeks. I really really want to go, but one huge tummyache at 5PM spoiled it all. The result of a late lunch (huge grilled chicken wrap) and a going away party for my friend Nikki (slice of ice cream cake), it felt like I had ingested a grapefruit whole. Sadly, I drove home and gently walked it off at the beach, collected a few pretty stones, and turned home before the sun went down.

Now in Plymouth during the summertime thursdays and fridays are never spent indoors-you can enjoy a walk through town, take in the view from one of the open-air bars at the harbor, or walk along the brook path. Last night I thought it would be a hoot to listen to the german band scheduled to play at the bandstand near Plymouth Rock (and get some knitting done).

Unfortunately, this year a striped kitty dropped a litter of stinky young-uns that have been roaming the neighborhood during the late afternoon. Scout had a nasty encounter with one after our beach walk, so instead of a relaxing picnic on the grass with live music, we got this:


Carole said...

Dale and Hannah and I were at the water front last night listening to the German band. You didn't miss much. :-)

blogless sharon said...

poor scout

Martita said...

Where's the salsa club? Boston?