I'm gloating over my little stash. It isn't much, just a few pieces I picked up in Connecticut at the Sheep & Wool. I must have been on a charcoal/grey kick that month, but what else is new. I buy something in color about as often as my father goes food shopping. Nil

1,330 yards of super SUPER soft sportweight Alpaca from Times Remembered. I originally bought this for a masculine sweater, but there's something so silky and soft about the fiber it just calls out to be a feminine wrap or capelet-something to set on my shoulders that brings out my blue eyes...hmm.

On a whim I also picked up 8 oz of Romney in natural gray twist from the Two Wool Crazy Ladies, even though I don't know how to spin yet. The time is right, however, to learn. Mom, you have any plans this weekend? Miss Heather is coming to visit!


blogless sharon said...

bring it on the tradition goes on

JessaLu said...

Yay! I can't wait to hear how it goes! :o)