This and That

I was sitting last night in front of the tube, watching the Sox and working on Phil's cable scarf when I got the sweetest phone call ever, well, actually two.

The first was a text from one of my best friends (who I actually see almost every day) just to say she was thinking of me and missing me. Its been a rough week, but I'll share the details at another time.

The second was a call from my mother (Blogless Sharon) who apparently was handed the phone by her darling (almost) 4 year old grand-daughter and ordered without further ado to call Auntie Heather. Little Miss Cassandra apparently decided she was ready to go the the beach and wanted to call ahead. She politely asked how Uncle Phil was doing, and then said her goodbye so she could go find her sweater (see earlier post) for the excursion. I was touched, speechless really. So maybe my niece just loves me for my beach? I doubt it. Either way, I foresee another day at the beach collecting seaglass for the mermaids real soon.
Oh, and for my friends, a quick shot from Dina's bachelorette a few weeks ago. Notice that neither your camera-shy bloghostess nore the bride are in sight. I think I was getting a drink with her-but yahoo for her lovely friends.


blogless sharon said...

I think she loves spending time with her funky auntie