Knitting By Candle Light

No good photos or news to report today. It was a DREADFUL weekend! We even lost power for two hours last night (Mr. & I missed Sopranos and Big Love!) and I had every candle in the house lit, in a vain attempt to push forward with my "Almost Cowl". Eventually, I gave up, but it just goes to show that nothing will deter an enthusiastic knitter. And Phil tactfully pointed out that was the way it used to be done anyways, by candle or firelight. Smartass.

Wait a second there- there was some great news in the Blogless Sharon and Big Al region. Their expanding family, er, farm had four additions over the weekend: three dark fluffy sheep (border leicesters) and one newborn moo. I visited saturday to be introduced to the new critters-all quite friendly, furry, and gentle. Nice job, Mom & Dad! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so I'll be visiting again soon to get pictures for sharing with you...


blogless sharon said...

ive given you the blog rights to the sheep