Down on the farm..

I still get homesick all the time-I really do. I have to visit the homestead at least once a week or I go nuts.

Growing up on a farm meant I had a great deal of chores and responsibilities, but I also had a world of experiences that most people never have. After all, who else by age twelve knows the difference between a holstein and a hereford? Can clean and filet a fish? Can deliver lambs? Can discern between strawberry plants, potatoes, and weeds? Knows the benefits or organic fertilizer and which animals leave behind the most nitrogen in their droppings?
I got mad skills..manure-shoveling skills, lambing skills, egg-collecting skills, weeding skills..

Take a peek at the new 'talent'. We're still expecting one more, but this is the latest. Sooo cute.

And from Foxfire Fiber at Springdelle Farm my mother picked up this lovely sparkly batt and is spinning about 4oz for me. Its 50/50 Blue Face Leicester/Tencel in "Summer Berries" so its soft AND sturdy. Perfecto. Despite the summer theme, I think it will make a great cowl to keep me warm in the fall.


blogless sharon said...

guess what? there is another addition to the moo family and she is even cuter than the other 2

blogless sharon said...

beautiful picture of mom and babe

Fields of Heather said...

Sweet!!! Can't wait to see her friday. I love new calves- can we name her Brisket? How about Au Poivre?