Knitting on the backburner..

There's a reason for the lack of knitting content this week. In a sudden burst of motivation I picked up my old guest-room project. I love fresh paint, and can't wait to finish this room. I'm thinking of giving it a rustic beach-house feel. Maybe our crazy velvet yellow chair will fit in here...
The sooner it is finished, the sooner we can get to the master-bedroom project (knocking down a wall-yay!) However, I picked out a color called 'Beeswax' yesterday, thinking it would be almost a putty-yellow and its quite a color! We get a lot of sun in our house, so its a little milder during the day, but last night it gave me a headache..or maybe it was the paint fumes. Hmm.

I would promise more knitting news, but I'm still crying over my screwup with the Almost Cowl sweater-got a little excited about separating the sleeves I guess. But more on that later, after some therapy.


Carole said...

I love yellow rooms.

blogless sharon said...

that looks really nice