Who Is This Guy?

Behold, the best beginning EVER to a long weekend. Phil and I drove into town in the pouring rain on friday to see the game. Luckily, the sky cleared up by 7:15, and the ground crew was just wrapping things up as we hit the souvenir shop (I lost my baseball hat last summer).

I wanted to take a moment to introduce my new friends, or so you would think from the next photo. Sitting in our usual seats in the RF grandstand, I experienced another phenomenon or version of the red sox fan, commonly known as "the commentator." Nice enough guy, but he was hell-bent on impressing his girlfriend with his baseball lingo and criticism throughout the whole game. And when the camera was brought out, he turned out to be quite the ham:

Witness as well his extremely exhuberant girlfriend. Yeah, we were great pals by the end of the night. They almost jumped in to help beat up some drunk girl who decided to get in a stare-down with me at the beer stand.

I heard all you knit-bloggers had a great time without me at Cummington this weekend! Blogless Sharon has promised me the coveted photo of her working the spinning wheel at an exhibit at the shaker village, just as soon as she masters emailing photos. AAAAAAnd, we may soon have two new additions to the family, namely a couple of softy Alpacas who need a home. I guess they're too short to be used for breeding, but at a stately height of 5'2" I beg to differ! Who says taller is better?


bloglass sharon said...

hey daughter you look like you had a blast

Carole said...

You look like you're ready to strangle that guy, frankly. As in, I'm smiling but I'm really annoyed.

JessaLu said...

Well, I don't know you as well as the two previous commenters but I think your smile is more like, "this guy is nuts, how funny is that?" ;o)