I Feel So Lara Croft Today

The events following are a true account, I swear.
A guy walks up to a woman in a parking lot outside Bradford Liquors (Heron 2003 Pinot Noir, in case you're wondering). The woman rolls down her window carefully....

Guy: Hey there, I just wanted to check out your rack. Its pretty nice.

Woman: Uhhh, thanks. I like it a lot. It comes in handy.

Guy: That must have cost quite a bundle.

Woman: Actually, it wasn't cheap. But it was a Christmas gift from my husband.

Guy: OH. Well, you're very Lara Croft.

Woman: What?

Now you get to see what we were talking about. My Baby:

Now I know he was just talking about the car. Just ask Carole (gratuitous name-dropping), but there's a big bond amongst Jeep owners. It goes a bit further than just "the wave."

Nevertheless, I am soooo Lara Croft today.


Karen said...

Check out your rack, huh?? Glad to hear it wasn't just a really really rude pick-up line!!!

So glad to see you are blogless no more!! My DH and I met you at the bloggers picnic at CT Sheep and Wool. Happy to "see" you again!

Anonymous said...

i love you daughter you are soo kick ass mom

Carole said...

Dude. Nice Jeep.

JessaLu said...

A little gratuitous name dropping never hurt anyone ;o)

Nice Jeep :o)