Overheard in the Cubicles

Thursday is officially dedicated to the delights of working in a cubicle. You get quite close to those tapping away around you, their annoying habits, phone-isms, horrendous judgement errors, and smelly tuna fish sandwich lunches.

Here to help me is my good friend, Masta' Shake. I dedicate today's posting to that wonderful cubicle neighbor I lovingly call "Riverdance" or "Thumper" after his propensity for tapping his heels loudly all day long. I kid you not.

Thumper spent two whole days injecting every conversation with a mention of his upcoming tee-time. Here's one of his gems:

I have this special approach to the game that if I go in thinking I'm gonna' lose my balls, I lose my balls! So if I don't go in thinking about losing my balls, I don't lose my balls.."

Now this conversation went on for a lot longer, but I was already distracted by how many times a man can say the word "balls" in a conversation. I was also struck by how his tone of voice emitted a quality that would say to any listener (and every member of cubicle land was subjected to this) that this was a profound and deeply meaningful approach to golf. But I have to admit I suffer frequently from a streak of immaturity and hearing the word "balls" at least half a dozen times was too much for me to stand. Balls balls balls balls. The next week I wanted nothing more than to ask Thumper if he lost his balls. It's still a pressing question...Maybe next week we will have our answer. Did Thumper lose his balls?


Karebear said...

Inquiring minds want to know, what happened to his balls damnit!!!!

Fields of Heather said...

Well, the next monday he was surprising quiet, so I think.... HE LOST HIS BALLS!