Lazy Sundays

What a strange afternoon...I had a wonderful visit from my mother (AKA Blogless Sharon) with little Cassandra yesterday. The day had been bright and clear, so we took a walk on the beach. I explained to Cassandra that seaglass was called "Mermaids Tears" after which she thought it best to return every piece to the ocean with a mighty toss, so the mermaids could have their tears back. I guess that was her reasoning. After it started to rain, we had to drag her away from the water, she was so intent on all the different colors of beach stone. Just like her auntie Heather.

So I carried back my collection of seaglass (the ones she let me keep) and waited for my mother. Blogless Sharon connected with another spinner along the way, of course, and stayed behing to talk about border leisters and spinning wheels, oh my.

Slightly damp, and extremely hungry, we settled in my kitchen for some knitting, and Cassandra modeled the rollneck raglan her grandmother lovingly made out of Spunky Eclectic. Very very cute, and in great spring colors.

The evening did clear up long enough for me to plant some flowers on the back porch, but then thunder resumed, the sky turned orange, and it poured. Again. I'm just waiting now for that perfect sunday afternoon for knitting on the deck. Too bad, the trees are almost green again, and my view of the ocean is almost obscured. At least all summer long you can still hear the waves, and catch the lovely breeze.


Carole said...

Sounds like a nice day with the fam. The sweater looks great on Cassandra!

blogless sharon said...

what a great time. Cassandra passed out on the way home. she loves visiting you. mom

maryse said...

hi heather. carole sent me over. welcome to the fold.

Julie said...

Hey Heather, it's Julie- we met at CT S&W blogger picnic. Welcome to blogland!