What I want

I should rename my blog Snail-Knitter since I am so darn impatient. Two projects in the works, and I am dying to get started on a cute capelet from the book "Wrap Style" I bought this month. I also found a cute sleeveless shell on the Berrocco website (god I love free patterns) that I must have.

Any suggestion on what I should use for this? Keep in mind my wardrobe is 99% black, grey and muted shades of brown.

So it will be grey, grey or cream...

And to all you in knitblogland, have a great time at Cummington and take lots of pictures! I wish I could join you for the bloggers picnic-I am so jealous!!


Anonymous said...

Yes we are off and running to Cummington staying at the Dalton House B and B be home Sunday. Fiberland here we come mom

Martita said...

I'd make it a bright that would match with the black, grey and brown. I like that green, myself. But I am a sucker for bright green. Or how about white? That would be so, so useful in white.