Welcome to Casa Rand

Please come in!

 So we are about to spend night #2 in our fantastic new home. It was not bad staying in the temporary apartment, don't get me wrong. I almost got a bit teary as we drove away, because the people there were so kind to us and the kids. But its time to move on, and settle into the home that will be ours on loan for just a few years.

So, come on in and I'll give you the Heather-version of the tour. I can tell you the boys really like having all the space, and they are going to enjoy the outside space even more.

There is not only a great pool with a kiddie pool that we share with only seven other families or so, but the street it TOTALLY gated off. Not to mention being in a safe little haven surrounded by high concrete walls and a solid gate that hides us way from the street? Well, my zombie lovin' soul is totally thrilled. Zombie apocalypse, bring it!

Phil says this area is the carport. And he plans on putting a car IN it. Now, I think its fabulous you can park under here, especially during the rainy season, but to me it just screams "patio!" and "party!" and "sangria time!" So the car is under discussion. I have priorities, people.

Closet!! Yes that's a flash, but behind it I am grinning ear to ear. Of course, there is nothing in there right now, but as soon as the lovely people in customs release our things I will be in heaven. (Our last house, the one we own and still love, has absolutely NO closet space.)

Then there is our room. Ok, more windows, tons of space. I would convert half this room to my sewing area, but there's an office room immediately off of this room as well! Someone up there loves me, I swear. So now I have a room to gather my Dharma Drop goodies, sewing and knitting, and keep it all out of my family's hair. And I think the sewing machine and my stuff are in customs as well.....

Which is really good, because I have a lot of sewing to do, before these rooms start to look like home. The furniture that is included is really nice, and its all very neutral. So we need color. Now.

The boys share a room. Not because we are awful parents and keep the best to our ourselves, but because the boys actually LIKE sharing a room. Bedtime is a gadzillion times easier with them together because they cooperate and entertain each other until they finally fall asleep.

HOWEVER, after watching Nate scale the bunkbed in two seconds flat, they were quickly disassembled into two regular beds. The hospital is really close, but I don't want to make that visit. Been there with a little brother *ahem*

They have a beautiful view too, not the usual city filth and alleys, but this pretty little house with a patio and garden. Not that they care. But as much as possible I have always liked having the curtains open, so that's a big plus.

Dining room table. Another first for us. We've always had just a little eat-in kitchen. I could really get used to this.

And finally, Nate making himself at home in the sitting area. WHERE IS MY UGLY GREEN COUCH? I thought this was standard issue! I actually feel a little left out, after seeing it in so many photos before. But how nice is this! Now we just have to keep the sticky fingers off it all, which happens more than I like to admit.

So, there you have it. Casa Rand. And I'm going to refer to these pictures as the "before" shots, because I'm sure by the time we are ready to pack up and move, its going to look drastically different! Can't wait for our stuff to get here, the bright quilts, the toys, the happy chaos that follows us wherever we go. This home is wonderful, but its too perfect for my taste. But all these shelves to fill, all those white walls to cover with our family and their smiling faces-it won't be long before we feel like its right.

And some friendly faces and laughter of friends would help a lot too!


Carole Knits said...

That's a beautiful home and it will become even more beautiful once you truly make it your own. I'm curious about more details, though. What about the kitchen? Bathrooms? Yard? I want more!

jen said...

love the pics! it looks great!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful digs! Yeah! Glad to see you settling in and so happy! :)

Anonymous said...

So happy for you guys. Hopefully you will get your items out of customs soon. Once you have that, it will be so much better. Love the new house, it looks nice and big (and very westernized :). All the best. Victoria Ozols

mom said...

dont hire that nanny . i want the job

J. Wesley Bush said...
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Fields of Heather said...

It's very spacious! We really lucked out, and it's on hot spot Soi 11 where we have Bed Supperclub and great restaurants-livin it up the next two years!