Awesome and Awkward Moments

So, today I packed up the boys after breakfast and headed to the BTS (train) station. Being Monday here in lovely Bangkok, little Philip needed to get to his soccer camp.

We climbed the stairs and headed down the walkway towards the turnstiles. I looked down to scramble through my purse for our train passes, and when I looked up, people were like

I froze. Grabbed Nate's hand. Not a single person was moving, and they weren't making eye contact.
I was like

They were like

And for a split second I really though we were in "The Happening."

And then the train above us came to a stop, and in the quiet I could finally hear that they were playing the national anthem. It finished. Everyone resumed their walking.

I wiped the look of confusion off my face and took the kids to camp.

Awesome moments?
I'm packing our suitcases back up again to move to our HOUSE tomorrow.
We bought a NEW TV, for the first time ever. Splurge-o-rama! (not really, but it feels like it!)
Nathan snuggling up with me at 6am, cooing "mamaaaaaa" and falling back to sleep for another ten precious minutes.
Scheduling interviews for domestic/full time nannies. So. freakin. excited.