Pratunam Market and a City View

Sooooo, when I signed up for a walking tour of the Pratunam Market, this wasn't quite what I expected. If you're looking for a tranquil market filled with stalls of thai silk, you will be greatly disappointed. If, HOWEVER, you are looking for a Halloween costume, like to collect tutu's, or are assembling a ladyboy dance troupe, this is where you want to go. Oh, and cheap school uniforms. Next to the schoolgirl costumes.

What confuses me is that there must be a huge demand for this sparkly stuff, because the market went on and on. And on. And on. And stall after stall had extraordinary costumes, sequin mini dresses, giant wings, and headdresses.

But we don't get out too much, so maybe we're missing that. I mean, looking for affordable childrenswear? I haven't had much luck unless we like the gangsta' look. But there is glitz and costumery anywhere you go. So I think we need to get exploring a little more in the evenings. Carefully.

Now, that's the look I'm going for!
Rumor has it, Sukhumvit Soi 11 is the place to be on Halloween, so there might be a little shopping trip back here for me sometime in the future. Why not? After all, I've never done the 'sexy pussycat' halloween shtick, or anything sleazy like that, so who would fault me for donning a pink wig and tutu just once?  We'll see.

After the walk-through, we each paid 300 baht to ride 83 stories up to the top of the Baiyoke Sky Hotel for a view of the entire city. Kindof cheezy, but worth the baht because I could finally take in how enormous Bangkok really is, yet in this little oasis right in the center of it all, we live. I can't tell you how lucky I feel!

Towards Chatuchak Market...

See if you can spot the embassy...

And in the center of this frame, yeah, that would be our neighborhood.


jen said...

i LOVE the tutu's!!