Heather Translates Thai: Friday Edition

My dumplings bring all the girls to the yard.....

I'm the luckiest 12 year old on the block....

Cockroach complex below....

And this one. I got nothin'

Coming soon, we explore the wonders of Thai street fashion, which is one of my favorite things about this city. All rules are out the window. Want to wear a cocktail dress to the office? No problem! And shoes are not shoes unless they have at least a two-inch heel. But first, I have to sneak a few pictures without offending anyone. But seriously, I love the clothing here. It doesn't hurt that I'm about the same size, give or take a few pounds, as the average woman. Or on an average day, Nate and I grab lunch at a street vendor: 35 Baht
Buy two adorable neon belts in the marketplace: 100 Baht
Cute sundress: 250 Baht

Grand total of lunch and mini-shopping spree? 385 Baht or $12.15 thereabouts

Take that Anthropologie. You own my checkbook no more!

Have a great weekend, all!


jen said...

love it!