The View From Here

The day after we hit JJ Market, I decided to steer the boys toward a more spiritual experience, although some might find shopping totally spiritual. I don't. So one long taxi ride later, we began to ascend the steps of the Golden Mount to Wat Saket. I have to admit, I think we were all a little timid about taking our first steps onto Buddhist territory-what to do, what to wear, how to be respectful- but it was all for naught. Buddhists, are, well Buddhist. So children can be children, noises can be made, and smiles were still boundless wherever we strode.

Gongs and bells were meant to be struck. Softly or loudly.

Young monks didn't mind our curious glances.

And children were welcome to enter the beautiful shrine.

The view was breathtaking, but the mild breeze was not enough after that climb.

There were some interesting practices going on, some which I had already read about, some that left me wondering. Like why people were pinning small bills to a line, and then writing on a long piece of red fabric. Or what it actually meant when visitors rang the bells, one by one, as they walked up the temple. I have to do some research...


Emily said...

That looks amazing!