Put A Little Buddha In Your Life

I'm going WHERE??!
 Before we left Virginia I hatched this crazy idea of sending 'buddha-bombs' to our friends totally randomly. Just because. If anyone ever sent me a Buddha out of the blue, it would probably confuse me at first.

But then I would probably imagine the sender, some fantastic friend of mine with a quirky sense of humor. The geeky one who still thinks its funny to break out her robot moves in public. Or sings to herself out loud. Sound familiar to any of you? Well, that kind of friend might delight in sending random objects like carven buddhas, or personal hygeine products with undecipherable labels. Just for kicks.

So this week, the first buddha-bombs went out. And I REALLY need you all to suggest a better name for my buddha missives, because I'm just not a fan of calling them bombs. So suggest away. And beware, if I have your address or can locate you, one of these might be coming your way.

Tuk-Tuk created from a can of Singha. Keepin' it classy, people.
I have two years. And PLENTY of addresses.


jen said...

you are too funny! i like 'buddha bomb' .. i'm not quirky enough to come up with something better.

Christie Medford said...

I Sooo hope you have my address! I think maybe calling it, "You've been Served...Buddha!" is a bit dorky but being Served...Buddha is fun and that is my input!

Noelle Ballinger said...

you are so funny! LOVE that you enjoy every moment of your adventurous life! I too like "Buddha Bombs", but if I have a moment of clever-ness, and can come up with anything I will let you know!! Love to you all!!!