Operation Dharma Drop

Its that time again! The third installation of "Operation Dharma Drop" is ready and packed up for shipping. I had a little bit of fun with this one, after the obvious Bhudda (one of my favorites so far) and a little pretty pashmina. The placemats are sold EVERYwhere here, but they add that little Thai flava' with those cute elephants.

I spotted this strange "Black Black" gum at the store the other day. Its made with coffe powder, hmm? Probably terrible, but what the heck. And then, for your dizziness, bug bites, and whatever ails you, please enjoy the Siang Pure Oil! With a face like that, why wouldn't you?

Just for fun, I leave you with a few shots from our street at night; my new favorite restaurant, Suk 11, where each table is adorned with a candle, batik covering, and complimentary bottle of bug repellent!

And then there's the VW drive-up bars. This cracks me up. They pull up after dark, set up the bar, turn on the neon lights and some dance music, and there ya have it. The boys like to stop and boogie once and a while.


Carole Knits said...

The placemats would be great for take out from Chatta Box! I love the VW mobile bar - how fun is that!!

SK said...

That is awesome! What an incredible journey you are on!