How To Identify a Sex Tourist

I might have promised a pictorial on the attire of Bangkok women, which at first thought would have been amusing. Except, once I thought about it, there is enough woman-on-woman hate in this world. And vituperating some very attractive women for wearing short skirts and platform heels really would only make me look like a very bitter jealous woman. And finally, I actually love the way they dress. This is a culture where if it feels good, or makes you feel good, you should go ahead and wear it. No thai woman has ever looked at what I wear in disgust or disapproval, so why would it do it to them? So if you were waiting for me to poke fun at how there is no 'fingertip rule' for skirt hems here, or such, it probably isn't going to happen because I might just join them because its so damn hot here!

But I can poke fun at men, can't I?

So, enter the subject of sex tourism. Because its pretty obvious here. I see it every day. Not prostitutes on the street, exactly, but the obvious fact that this place is heaven on earth for lonely men. Single women, well, you will become very unhappy if you come here and hope for ANY attention from the opposite sex. We can't hold a candle to the young women here, and if you have come to accept that (like me) you'll do just fine.

NOT a sex tourist.
NOT a cute Bavarian-themed pub.
Things aren't always what they seem here, and I've had to be very careful about that. A massage parlor may not be an ordinary massage parlor (although most of them, like the one that advertises "men on men" around the corner, are pretty straightforward). Karaoke is not, I repeat NOT, karaoke. Pubs that look oooooooohhh so cuuuuuuute may actually be a brothel, and not the kind of establishment for people like me. Exhibit A:

Can I have a beer and some atmosphere, hold the sex please!

To be honest, if a guy that has some trouble finding female company in the States wants to come here, all the more power to him. Its easy. Its not complicated. And the women are really pretty. But when they walk by me and the kids going down the street there is that split second of awareness on their faces. Like we are reminding them of what the rest of the world sees. Holding up that mirror for just a quick moment. I swear I don't give dirty looks, its not me!
Or maybe I eye-roll. I don't know.

So let me break it down for you. This is what I see EVERY DAY:

And upon closer look, this is why it is so conspicuous.

Note the chunky white dude. The outfit is practically the sex tourist uniform on Bangkok: sweaty shirt, flip flops, godawful plaid shorts. They may look different at night, but this is pretty much the day uniform.