Why, Thank You!

Yesterday a co-worker greeted me by saying, "Heather, you LOOK pregnant!"

I think that's the nicest thing you could say to me right now...

Today I want to give thanks for the silly things, the basic things, and some of the things that won't even say "you're welcome" back:

1. Thank you for our wonderful midwives, who spend so much time talking to us at every visit, laugh at our ridiculous jokes (fishfinder, Phil?), and listen patiently to our concerns.
2. Thank you for ribs. St Louis style, to be exact. And while I'm at it, thank you to the Little Red Smokehouse in Carver who provided said ribs in great quantities with dirty rice, chili, and paper towels. I'm sure Phil is thanking whomever that his pregnant wife craves ribs and steak tips, rather than banana sandwiches and spinach roll-ups.
2 1/2. Thank you for ribs.
3. Thank you for my wonderful husband, who understands that when I say "I MIGHT like to go to XYZ sometime," I really mean "I want to go to XYZ." You see, my parents raised me like a lady, so in our house there were never any 'I want's. I learned to put it more politely, like a suggestion. It also meant I was rarely disappointed because people do not like demanding children. But anywhooo, Phil heard one of thos suggestions and surprised me with tickets to the Pats, my first game ever, opening game no less! I LOVE YOU, PHIL!
4. Thank you for ribs...uh, I mean thank you for a wonderful job, great friends, and family. Without these things (and Phil of course) I would not feel so secure and happy, and content. Because of these things, you rarely catch me not smiling.
5. Of course, thank you to my brave little brother Evan, who is serving overseas at this time (Email me for his address if you'd like to write or send the soldiers a care package). Thank you for protecting us, just like our brother, my husband, our father, and our grandfathers have done.

Back to knitting. I just spotted a wonderful book on the Interweave site that I might like to have. It includes this adorable sweater, named Kai. Now, Kai is one of those names on my radar, because it pertains to the ocean. The feminine version is "kaia" which would make a lovely middle name, as in 'Lily Kaia Rand.' We are not hawaiian, however, so I think that choice would be met with derision and/or teasing.

That doesn't mean I can't make the sweater! How cute is that?


Martita said...

No, thank *you* for telling me about the Little Red Smokehouse in Carver. I'm sure I'll be seeing you there soon, once I tell my husband about it.

blogless sharon said...

ribs sounds good to me and I'm definitely not pregnant

JessaLu said...

mmmm....ribs....I've been craving them all summer and I know for sure that I'm not preggers ;o)

emmandavesmomma said...

I found your better space...again!!! ribs...mmm You love the moo!!!

Kathy said...

That looks like a great book. You'll love Gillette -- I went to my first Pats game last Sat. night with my daughter as a "surprise girls night!"

Carole said...

And I'm thankful that you're you! I wish the Little Red Smokehouse was open for lunch, damnit.