I Know it When I Get Hooked..

...on a new hobby, that is. This weekend we went to Winter Island in Salem to participate in the bassfishing shootout I talked about last week. It was more of a kayak retreat for me. Based on the tides, the participants were constantly on the water, silently trolling for bass and blues (no luck on the latter.)

Crawling out of the tent at 6AM, sliding quietly into the water for a relaxing 5-hour paddle, startling a school of MAAD pogies, this was the epitome of fun. I think the other wives and girlfriends I met were very sweet, but SHAME on you ladies for staying earthbound with a chance like this!

I am impressed with the New England Kayak Fishing crew for many things-first, I just love the guys. They were welcoming, warm and friendly; not the slightest bit intimidating. They were also organized-the competition ran without a hitch, with members coming from as far as Connecticut to compete. They were great sportsmen, and should give kayak fishermen a good name. At the culmination of the event, the winners were presented with plaques, and due to increasing sponsorship, every participant won a prize in the raffle. One lucky fella walked away with this:

A Prowler, donated by Ocean Kayak. I was jealous. By this time I had decided to 'get on the boat' and try it out for myself-there's still plenty of time in this season to get started, after all.

Saturday evening we slid into the water as the sun had just set, me in my sturdy (non-fishing) craft and about 8 others in their shmancy equipped sit-on-top Prowlers and Tarpons, hoping to catch some post-contest action along the rocks by Salem Willows. As the moon rose and the water became jet black I briefly regretted watching too much of Discovery Channel during Shark Week.... As the guys dropped their bait, we quietly paddled in a broken line between the boats at rest in the harbor, each kayak distinguishable by a tiny beacon.

Now where's that Cabela's catalog?


JessaLu said...

Regretting watching shark week? hehehehe

Sounds like me ;o)

Martita said...

I can't believe you did that! Very cool.

Ct Don said...

Welcome to the "DARK SIDE"