Mean Girls

(Blogger stinks today, so this comes to you without photos)

What do you get when you hire a bunch of attorneys and legal assistants fresh out of college? A very cruel and catty staff. This was the kind of atmosphere our office had over a year ago. I can certainly say that I was never a part of this problem. I can also say that I kept a wide berth from those I suspected to be particularly cruel. Let's face it-you KNOW who they are. You know by the way they look at you, or the insincere expressions on their faces when you or others speak.

Our particularly worst crew would gather every friday at a local watering hole after work, never really inviting outsiders unless they needed fuel or fodder for gossip later. The female leader of this group once bragged that she invited one particular co-worker along so they could ask her questions and laugh about her answers later. They spread rumors that our supervisors were involved in sordid affairs, and hinted that those in power came to their positions by blackmail. If you disagreed or reported them to the administration, you were taunted and called a 'traitor.' One newcomer who did this lasted barely three months, fled the company, and as far as I know quit her pursuits in the field of law immediately. Those members of the malicious crew rejoiced in her downfall. I know this sounds ridiculous for a bunch of adults, but it is true. I like to think I was overlooked by this group, but of course that isn't the case.

The good thing about gossips is that they are weak and shallow. Their loyalties equally so. So when the group split and went their own professional ways, the remaining people involved slowly disseminate the rumors, until we were all fully aware of what things were said against us. Apparently, my 'flashiness' was not overlooked, and the female leader of this group was fond of pointing it out. I learned that I was ridiculed to this point, and nicknamed 'sashay'...perhaps because of my flair? Or do I resemble a bag of lavender you would toss in a dresser drawer? I don't know-I don't really get it, so I doubt it really amused them for long.

In honor of these nasty people, I dedicate my aquisition from this weekend: bright pumpkin wool. Currently be used in the creation of legwarmers that will secretly be worn under my dress pants at work and keep me toasty. When I think of those mean people, I might even let them show a little.


blogless sharon said...

oohh you go daughter

JessaLu said...

Clones of those same crappy ppl worked at every law firm I ever worked at. Guess why I quit trying to make it in the field of law? ;o)

KK said...

Stay strong, stand tall, people who say hurtful things about others are just insecure and hurting themselves, so they deserve our pity, but not our kindness, they are not worth that.