Bad Girl!

I know I know.. I was an absentee blogger last week. This morning I woke up with a blog-idea in my head, BUT I forgot the cable for my camera, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. Until then, here are my excuses for being blogless. Pick whichever you prefer:

* The alien growing in my belly inhibits my ability to think creatively.
* I was, without warning, promoted to a new position (without adequate compensation I must add) and I've been too darn busy to do the things I enjoy.
* Little bro' Evan was deployed to god-knows-where last tuesday, and it was a somber week to say the least. You wouldn't need a downer of a post, would you?
* The gypsies came and took me away to their little camp in the moutains.
* Mom and Dad went to Sturgiss, SD for bike week and I've spent every waking moment watching the news in case they get into some kind of trouble, those crazy kids.
* I ate pita chips until I fell into a happy chip- and hummus- induced sleep for several days.
* Four words: Back to School Sales.
* Inspired by the Rick Springfield/Eddie Money concert I saw on thursday I decided to quit my job and become a Journey groupie. (Sept 23rd!!!!!)

See you tomorrow with some crazy pictures of peaches, and that sweater I love to hate.


Carole said...

I know for a fact that some of this is true. But I'm guessing you weren't really abducted by gypsies.

blogless sharon said...

well you needent worry about mom and dad. we had a super time. woke up one morning wearing beads, cant figure how they got there . dad just smirked

Kathy said...

Glad that you are okay! And I hope that blogless Sharon is keeping out of trouble, lol!!