So I have one nearly finished sweater-just two short ribbed sleeves to go. This could be a 1 hour jobbie and then voila...FO. Just one problem-I'm procrastinating. Not sure why. It could be due to the shortage of yarn. I am down to 2/3rds of a skein, and no scale handy to ensure I have allowed enough for both sleeves. But that could be fixed easily with one trip to the store and a quick purchase of a kitchen scale. Nope. It could be easy-in fact I could have finished tuesday. Instead I am more comfortable staring at the sweater on my coffeetable for a few days, savoring the chance to watch Project Runway (Alison's gone? Nooo!!) with my hands free.

Is it self-doubt? After all, the majority of sewing projects I have completed have resulted in nothing better than a few tank tops and dresses that would suit me better as nightgowns. Will my knitting be the same? Will I be forced to find a creative use for knitting as I find myself afraid to wear my FO's in public? Am I afraid that after all this work this lovely sweater may be relegated to the bottom of my sweater pile?

Behold bunnies: just to cheer you up. It works for me.


Karen said...

Do Not Doubt Yourself or Your Skills!!! You can finish the sweater. It will be beautiful. It will not be relegated to the bottom of the pile. You can do it!!!

Aww, love those cute little bunnies too. :)

Carole said...

I can't even stand how cute those bunnies are! Almost as cute as YOU.

Kathy said...

Those bunnies are so sweet. I say finish it too -- it will be lovely. And you know what, store bought stuff is not "perfect."

blogless sharon said...

you can do it baby. oh by the way did i tell you i love bunnies?