What Would Your Mother Say?!

Super-pumpkin ankle warmers are almost done, but most importantly, today is THE BIG DAY. Possibly. Hopefully. Mr & I finally get to see another ultrasound, and hopefully our little one looks a little more human than last time. I'm still a bit creeped out from the first peek we had, when our little guy/gal looked like a strange cross between Abe Lincoln and an alien. Eww.

So until then, I am on pins and needles all day. Even the blur of work to be done this morning isn't helping much. When will 3:30 get here, dammit?

Well, yesterday I was driving to work and saw this van next to me. Normally at 7AM I am too sleepy to read, but somehow the word 'erection' caught my eye. Now who would do such a thing? Sure its funny, but so crude. The ironic part, is that this wonderful slogan was last seen cruising into D-el-uxbury.


blogless sharon said...

theres never one around when you need it ha ha

maryse said...

oh my ... those rich folks sure are crass ;)

Carole said...

Not someone I'd want to hire. At least not for a remodeling project.