Show and Tell

So I was a bit frustrated with all I have to do, but last night was just not the night to get anything done. Nope. Last night I watched bad TV, put my feet up, and ate a lot of Kraft Mac&Cheese. Oh, I also took Scout for a walk, in my pajamas. Well, he wasn't wearing them, I was..nevermind.

It may have been because Phil was working, or perhaps because my little foray into Kohl's maternity section was soooooo depressing. And I want to know why are those clothes so nasty! Peak childbearing years for women these days seem to be the mid-30's, which I think is an age in which most women reach a better self-awareness, have created their own sense of style, and probably have a bit more in their pockets to spend on decently-manufactured clothing. So why is everything I get to pick from for the next four months made of 100% poly-rayon blends? If my body is going to change drastically why are seams and stitching so cheaply done? And why does the Motherhood clothing manufacturer think I want a velour sweatsuit?

Don't they notice that stores like Banana Republic and The Limited, who cater predominantly to women in my age-bracket do NOT stock their shelves with hideous bourbon-colored paisley tops? Do I buy pants that say PINK or PRINCESS across my butt? Do I slouch anymore? By 30 we all grow up a little (hopefully) learn to stand taller, have some dignity, and dress ourselves with a little pride.
Sweatsuits are for the gym, and I'm about as likely to go jump into a sculpting class as a rock-climbing competition right now, so spare me. I guess Kohl's maternity feels that pregnant women should be locked away in confinement, only to surface for food-shopping in their sloppy sweats, dragging their feet in loud flip-flops. I personally was hoping to show of my maternity glow, wearing some sparklies and elegant pants with at least a halfway decent drape. Dammit, I'm calling Nordstrom.

That's my friday rant. At this time I would like to bring your attention to the CUUUUTE buttons I picked up last weekend. Teeny little airplanes, rustic wooden leaves (and the stitch markers I whipped up from some leftover beads.)


Carole said...

You might have better luck at Old Navy. Or Pea in the Pod.

Chris said...

My sympathies! I remember that indignity all too well. You wouldn't want to see what the US Air Force came up with for a maternity uniform. Bleck! I hope you find some decent clothes.

blogless sharon said...

thank heavens for old navy

Anonymous said...

Try Target, too. They used to have a maternity line--if you walk in from the mall, it was halfway down the first aisle, on the left.

maryse said...

target definitely has a maternity line.

kohl's sucks in the clothing department i think even for non-mothers to be.