Small Things

Wow, it seems sometimes like I hate to finish projects. There are a million of them around the house, competing for my attention, like the nursery that needs a second coat of paint, the pants that could use a crisp finished cuff, the pea pod sweater that STILL needs buttons and a matching hat... But last night I began carefully seaming the raglan baby sweater and found that the finishing touches made me feel so..relaxed.

Every moment we are thinking ahead-how best to utilize that commute home, what we might need to pick up for dinner, did I RSVP for that shower yet? My mind is always racing, I'm always keeping in mind the next bill to be paid, the next call to make, the next weekend's plans.

So, its time to remind myself to keep things simple. To not sweat the small stuff, but to savor it. After all, we don't get forever to enjoy these things, like dinners with the family, couch time with Scout (he's a great foot warmer), and taking a few seconds every morning to watch the waves from my kitchen window while taking a couple deep breaths.

So we shut the TV off last night, Phil read a book, and I meticulously seamed that itty bitty sweater before going to sleep. So I have learned another lesson from knitting; sometimes its important to master a new skill, or finish a daunting task. But sometimes it is enough to just enjoy a few simple stitches.


Chris said...

Enjoying all the small things with your baby will be the best thing you can ever do in your life. Savor those kicks, no matter how uncomfortable they might get. When a grubby little hand sticks a handful of crumpled dandelions up for you, linger in the emotions that surely will well up. Those fleeting and delicious small moments will indeed be gone much too fast. How wonderful for you to have that all before you now.

Karen said...

What a great post!! I feel more relaxed just for having read it. I'm also big on stressing about everything and having a million lists racing around in my head. You are right, sometimes we need to just let it go a little. Thanks for the words of wisdom.

Carole said...

Well said.

Brianne said...

If only we could remember this all the time! I can't tell you how often I get so caught up with what needs to be done and things I want to do that I'm so overwhelmed I don't do any of it...a lot of good that does me! Now, with a baby on the way, I keep trying to remind myself that it's the little things that matter most.
Thanks for the reminder - it's so very encouraging and it's nice to be told that it's okay not to be chaotically busy all the time.