Halfway There... the weekend. Big plans this time! Camping in New Hampshire, apple picking, some (very slow) hiking, campfire cooking, and on sunday?
Another Dog Party at Steven Huneck's gallery in Vermont. Scout is included in this trip, so its a true family vacation. The last time we went to Dog Mountain we had a blast. It was like heaven- dogs were eating treats, roaming through all the buildings, splashing in the ponds, frolicking in the fields. Pretty cool. I should also mention that when Phil was deployed, the people at Steven Huneck's gallery were kind enough to ship a whole roll of prints of our favorite artwork to him to cheer up his living space and remind him that his best buddy was waiting for him to return home.

My quest today is to search ahead for local knit shops and alpaca farms, since Phil might be willing to stop and shop with me a little this weekend. Blogless Sharon has also been talking about acquiring some merino for her flock, so its always a good idea to keep an eye open in our travels!


Anonymous said...

Someday I'd like to go to Steven Huneck's gallery. I love his prints.

blogless sharon said...

have a great time. buy me a sheep

JessaLu said...

Sounds like a great time!