I have come to understand that knitting does not mix well with vacation, at least in my case. When packing for our nice long camping trip last weekend I managed to limit myself to two small projects to bring along. Did I touch them? Not a bit. Now I did get a bit done on the ride home from New Hampshire, but that was only once we hit the Boston traffic.

Otherwise, it’s hard to concentrate on knitting when my eyes are drawn to the beautiful White Mountains and fall foliage.

We had a blast-did some late season apple picking. Phil (despite the baby weight) easily hoisted me onto his shoulders to pick any apple of my desiring. Scout assisted by, well, providing constant companionship and his own sense of doggie humor. I firmly believe that our beloved Scout is quite the joker, and tries constantly to make us laugh. He did this for most of the weekend with great success.

We rewarded him Sunday by taking him to Stephen Huneck’s gallery for the dog party. Apparently, Stephen has since appeared on Oprahhhhhh, and the party was quite big, and a bit more attended than the one we went to a few years ago. Yup, it was the Oprah effect. Due to his celebrity status, we have yet to actually meet Mr. Huneck, as his time was monopolized by some annoying celebrity-seekers and their snuffling pug.

We also passed by a ‘fainting goat’ farm. If you haven’t seen the tv report, or received the email, lookee here. I couldn’t result snapping a shot.


Carole said...

You guys had beautiful weather. I'm glad you had fun.

blogless sharon said...

beautiful weekend, glad scout had fun

JessaLu said...

I've seen fainting goats - freaking. hilarious.

Glad you had a good weekend! :o)