Molly Molly Bo Bolly Banana Fanna...

Never again will I pick a project with miles of stockinette stitch. This lovely little number is ribbed thoughout, and what a difference it makes. Just over the weekend I finished the front, and will be moving on the the sleeves tonight. Sweeeeeet.

Have you ever considered looking for a job that is further away so you may take the commuter rail rather than sit in miles of traffic? That was my thought this morning while I was sitting on Route 3 eating my second granola bar in stop and go traffic. Wouldn't I rather be sitting on the train with a newspaper, book, or (of course) knitting. If I weigh the benefits of taking the T, this is what I come up with:

1) no more anxiously watching my gas gauge (I HATE pumping gas)
2) at least 30-40 minutes of time to fill frivolously with reading, phone calls, or knitting

However, I also considered:

1) no more fun stops on the way home at Pier1, Trader Joes, or HomeGoods
2) no flexibility with time, no lingering around the house in the morning if I feel the desire to eat some breakfast or sleep in
And last but not least..
3) Who was sitting in this seat before me? ewww.


blogless sharon said...

haven't you learned to knit and drive at the same time?

maryse said...

i take the commuter rail a couple of times a week. it's much more civilized than the T and it's really not that gross. just think about who may have touched that item you're thinking of buying at Pier 1 or Trader Joe's before you've picked it up.

JessaLu said...

Driving and knitting is easy...just steer with your knee ;o)