Warm Fuzzies

Nothing beats 'em. I'm definitely not a hat person, but after the last weekend camping I almost broke down and bought a Fargo-inspired fur cap at the army-navy store in St. Johnsbury, VT. I look so terrible in hats that even the grizzly hunter perusing Carhart coats in the back stopped to stare. He may have even considered levelling a double-barrel shotgun at me, but I wasn't sure. After determining I would make a lousy trophy, he preferred to pick through the wondrous selection of plaid flannel.

Instead, I returned home and attacked the tea-cozy hat pattern from miss Woolly Wormhead's site with a vengeance. Ignoring the rules (as usual) I used Rowan Big Wool and started knitting on smaller needles than recommended. The result so far-a snug and airtight headcozy befitting the worst weather new england could possibly throw at me. Yum.


blogless sharon said...

yummy and my favorite color