Trick or Treat

Well, it was a treat!

My nieces came to visit last night and join the hordes of children that haunt our neighborhood on Halloween. Its a perfect place for the holiday-quiet streets, close-packed houses with a lot of families like us. When I got home from work Phil had the driveway lit up and ready, and we watched the flashlights bob up and down the street from our picture window. Soon my mom (Blogless Sharon) and the girls joined us for cookies, and even posed for a few pictures.
We estimate that about 50 children stopped by our house last night-thank god for the backup candy stash!

I think Halloween may just be my favorite holiday ever.


Anonymous said...

We got a record low of kids last night. One of my friends in town said she hardly got any kids, too. There must have been something going on in town last night. I love Halloween and it kind of bummed me out.

JessaLu said...

If we had one kid, it would be a record. We haven't had any, not one, trick-or-treaters at our house since I moved here seven years ago.

We have lots of leftovers every year ;o)

Carole said...

We had about 12 kids, I think. There's lots of leftover candy at my house. This is NOT a good thing.

Karen said...

I am so bummed, I bought 3 bags of candy (my favorites of course) in hopes of seeing the little boogers in costumes and not a one girl, not one, oh well, I do have lots of get fat candy though!

Fields of Heather said...

Karen-you'll just hang out at our house next year!