Welcome to the Third Trimester!

Yay! We're finally in the third trimester, actually just two months to go- as of my latest visit with the midwife we are also a portrait of perfect health (knock on wood. My heart goes out to those who haven't been so fortunate.) Positive, positive, positive has been my approach to this. I figured if I could find a way to not be bothered with the yucky stuff-the heaviness, the swollen feet, the CONSTANT KICKING, it might not be that bad at all. And wouldn't ya know- I've really enjoyed being pregnant. Might even do it again. A few times.
Or not.
Some things I have learned from this experience since I just LOVE making lists, and few cutesy pictures I ripped off the internet:

1) Primary colors aren't so bad. So my wardrobe and my house is a drab collection of muted colors-pale yellows and tans. Soon it will be swamped with bright red, yellow and blue plastic, which might be a great improvement...
2) Must learn to clean. And vacuum. Because unlike Scout, little Rand will not be able to differentiate between a cookie and a fur ball.
3) People LOVE pregnant women. We're like santa claus, easter bunny, and humpty dumpty rolled into one. We bring smiles to people's faces. Children edge closer to us. Strangers smile and wink at us. Cashiers at every store want us to stop and talk about it. And expect lots of flattery-I wasn't called beautiful this often even when I was a bride.
4) I have uttered those words to describe the experience that I used to dread, "It will change your life forever." Just about 7 months ago those words were enough to send chills up my spine and make me secretly swear to avoid this if at all possible.
After all, unless you have gone through it, those words are quite ominous. But once you feel your first kick or wiggle, that all changes. You get 'the glow'-yes it does exist, and you realize the changes you are going through are welcome ones. Now after I say those words, I wonder why I waited so long to do this.
5) Dude-you get heavy! It feels like someone is making me tote a small watermelon around all day long! But as one of my preggie co-workers describes, "you have to have some reason to want them to come out. Otherwise you'd want them to stay in there forever." How true.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families. Don't forget what this holiday is about-be thankful!


jen l said...

this post almost made me cry. i hope when i'm ready to carry around the heavy watermelon that i'm as lucky as you to have such a wonderful pregnancy and such a wonderful outlook on what is happening. happy thanksgiving to you and phil as well!

blogless sharon said...

I love your attitude, you will make a great mommy.

Anonymous said...

re: your post about lists

hey there, you should visit to archive and share your lists...seems like you might like it!