Showered With Love...

Well, you all get a break from the turkey-day posts with this one.
One day you're driving home from church, happy as can be, when your husband turns into the local hotel parking lot. Uh oh. Despite what he's mouthing to you, you know better-we don't eat breakfast here! Its a shower!!
(Here's a shot of my initial response-see the silly grin? Also mom AKA Blogless Sharon looked so darn fantastic!)
I won't be so crass as to single out any special gifts-it wouldn't be possible to anyways. We are so lucky to have such thoughtful friends and family. And very talented too! The room was decorated to match our nursery room decor- with little bears and twinkling stars. Then, from the detailed homemade gifts which I will take care of and treasure, to the generous and thoughtful supplies, toys and needs, I am so happy to say that we are so ready to receive this little guy!!!
There was a lot of parenting wisdom in the room as well, which helps a lot when you're trying to figure out what you will need for the first time. You quickly realize you may not have thought this through enough!
So just eight (give or take) weeks to go, and thanks to my loving family and friends, the nursery has changed from a sad and stark little room to a bright and joyful room filled with bags, bows, books, and toys.
If it is at all possible, my excitement is even greater. With any luck, I'll be waving pom poms and cheering in the delivery room rather than swearing and crying. But I need to get friendly with my anesthesiologist first.


Jen L. said...

I had an absolutely wonderful time and can't wait to meet Baby Rand!

Carole said...

You look wonderful! I'm glad you had such a nice day. Wish I could have been there to see you enjoy yourself.

Martita said...

Boy, you look like your mom! So glad you had a lovely shower.