Needles of Fire!

I picked up a Debbie Bliss publication, the Baby Knits Book, this week and went to town. I had seen her hooded cable sweater pattern online and just couldn't get it out of my head! After I got the book home I read that it would require about 6 skeins of cotton on something like a size 3 needle. Hmm... how about I just put that off a little longer. Sounds like the perfect project for next Christmas.

But, to have something fun to whip up, I nabbed a few hanks of Plymouth Yarn's Suri Merino (55% alpaca, 45% merino) in a soft sage color to make the raglan sweater. My half-stitched idea, however, is to combine this with another pattern so I can have a 2-button closure on the shoulder. After all, who wants to pull a fitted rollneck collar over a baby's head? Debbie should have though of that... If anyone has any ideas let me know, otherwise I'm just going to play it by ear.
The baby Pea Pod set is so fun to make. I'm working on the cap right now, and possibly matching socks if I have enough cashmerino left over. This sunday at the Knit Out I will need to hit Windsor Button for some nifty little buttons.

On a side note, I peeked through Knitting Nature and spotted the coolest pattern for woolen women's tams, and thought this might be a fun idea for Christmas gifts. I know I would wear it, and it's simple enough that I could make enough for my friends. Does anyone have a similar pattern they could share?


Carole said...

I know there are tam patterns in the Ann Budd book.

Monica said...

Thanks for the comment on the scarf. It was so nice to meet you!