Bender Update: Turbulence

My good old boyfriend Joe Bender is hitting the rapids today. Why, you ask? Well, when you get a lot of pressure at the dam, the result will be more turbulent waters (or so I learned at Zoar white water rafting in western MA). So my 'turbulence' is a result of putting too many things off for tomorrow. Now its time to buckle my PFD and take the plunge.

1)We have a big vacant master bedroom that needs to be de-wallpapered before my father-in-law can come in to fix it up.
2)We have a nursery that is half-painted. I'm also down to my last pair of pre-pregnant pants, and shamefully must admit to myself its time for elastic waistbands.
3) After a fun trip to Windsor Button last weekend, I came home with these gorgeous wooden buttons, shaped like leaves, for my baby raglan sweater. However, making buttonholes big enough on the raglan decreases has proven more difficult than a simple YO. Today, in between my legitimate work (believe it or not I actually do work) I need to find a pattern to assimilate into my own design..
4) Friends? Where are they? I need to set aside some serious QT for my buddies, because not everything in this world revolves around babies. Or knitting. Just everything in MY world.
5) October. Almost here. How the hell did that happen?


Carole said...

6. Winebeck. Almost here. Can't wait for that to happen.

Martita said...

I am here to sing the praises of elastic waist pants. 1)They're easy to sew; 2)they'll still fit whether you go up 5 pounds or down 5 pounds, eliminating the need for separate fat and thin wardrobes; 3) you can make them so they don't pooch out and look like elastic waist pants.

And 4) you're pregnant; elastic waist pants are a good thing!