Again, no camera handy

While my mother may remain blogless, I apparently from time to time am cameraless. What a terrible weekend to leave my camera at work! Saturday with friends at a cheezy Journey/Def Leppard concert, sunday in Boston at the Knit-Out-what was I thinking?! Fajitas & 'Ritas with new blogger friends, building up excitement for Winebeck, I mean, Rhinebeck was purty cool. Attacking Windsor Button in a frenzy-also purty neat. Tomorrow I will be able to post pictures of my new stash, and some of the goodies I snagged at the Knit-Out on the Common yesterday.

To be honest, I'm still feelin' a bit special because my LYS was there to represent, and the ladies from Duxbury's Wool Basket Yarns even recognized me. I'm proud to be such a yarn-shop haunt. More tomorrow, as I am sagging under the weight of a million hearings, and goody-goody that I am, volunteered to adopt a few extra just to be helpful. And they took me up on it.




What a great daY