One Fun Day at the Fair

Saturday, despite the heat and traffic, we bravely ventured to the Cape to the Barnstable County Fair. Turned out, the heat wasn't so bad. The traffic however, was. We arrived bright and early, and while there was not a great amount of livestock, and most were untouchable due to the heat, we did meet the following fine creatures:

Friendly floppy-eared goats.

Gentle giant draft horses.

And just a few humming alpacas.
But my favorite part of course was the teensy-weensy knitting & spinning exhibit, where the homespun yarn and projects were displayed, along with some soft fleece and rovings. As you can see, a big yellow sign proclaimed "please feel free to touch the fleece!"
I was happy to oblige. Here you can see me with my atrocious grin, testing the fiber for that 'twinging' sound...
Coming tomorrow, my pictures of the winning yarn and projects. I was impressed, yet saddened by how few entries there were-please please please all you Boston-area and south shore knitters and spinners get together and submit your work! I don't mean to insult the great work I saw saturday, but I have seen LOVELY fibers and colorways on your blogs that would give them all a good run for their money!

(I can't wait for the Marshfield Fair!)


blogless sharon` said...

you are one with the fiber

JessaLu said...

Did you need a cigarette after that shot? I mean, you can't actually smoke one right now, but you can need one... ;o)