How Not to Announce the Big News:

Well, I suppose it's that time-after all, I broke the news at work this week, and that has gone over pretty well. I'm a little frustrated that my future mommy-ness isn't obvious yet, but that will happen soon enough. We already have two other people in the office who are proudly sporting "the bump" and I want so badly to join the club!

To be perfectly honest, I absolutely love pregnancy so far. Not to boast, but there hasn't been any sickness or mood swings, nor any bizarre cravings. In fact, even though I'm carrying around some extra weight I feel downright....well, foxy!

Phil is so proud of me. But I also think Phil is quite proud of himself, and his own achievement here. It's so adorable. Maybe it's the hormones talking, but I find EVERYTHING adorable. Is that strange? I find myself anxiously awaiting a big belly, browsing maternity wear online, and secretly wishing I could fit myself into those stretchy clothes already. Well, here's my secret:

Several years ago my cousin Abby became pregnant. Before that happened I thought you would never get my ass in that situation- I dreaded the stretching, the body shape, the nausea, the inhibiting factors of a modified pregnancy diet. I saw pregnant women as "breeders" and thought that having a child meant a final end to my youthful ways. But one day all that changed.

I watched my sweet younger cousin with amazement as she went through her pregnancy- I watched her become more beautiful with each passing month, and I learned that essentially she lost none of the qualities that I admired in her. Abby was still bright, funny, smart, and absolutely gorgeous. She hadn't changed at all.

In fact, she had improved.

I could go on, but she also acquired this fantastic way of walking when she was in her last trimester. I called it a waddle, but it was really nothing of the sort. It was this great walk with a new center of gravity- leant toward the back with belly forward. It was so beautiful to me, I was downright jealous. THAT'S the part I look forward to the most. (Well, other than our appointment in 2 weeks where we may find out if we have a little boy or girl, but don't get me started.)


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FINALLY! I've been going crazy with this secret! Congratulations to you and Phil!

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P.S. love the "I make milk" t shirt!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! :o)) You're going to be an awesome mom!

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Oh my gosh!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! That's wonderful news!

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so the word it out yahoo