Last night my mom (Blogless Sharon) came over, bearing a delicious homemade dinner and her spinning wheel. We had a beautiful sunday evening knitting and spinning on my back deck, and did I even think to take a picture? What is wrong with me? Mom was plying her very own wool from Big Boy, a border leicester, and it looked so warm-I can't wait to see what she does with it!

I can, however, present you with before and after pictures of my finished curtains. Very cutesy, but they'll do just fine:
Ooh La La..

Saturday had to be one of the best days EVER. Phil took the day off form work, so we went out for breakfast and then took the kayaks for a spin down White Horse and Manomet Beach. The water was so clear and aquamarine that you could see the crabs sparring in the sand down below! If it weren't for the high UV factor I could have stayed out there all day. Buuut then I wouldn't have been able to shower and get pretty to go out that night-girls night out! My favorite-humid nights in Plymouth mean cold drinks by the harborside and a great band. God, I love this place!


Martita said...

I can't believe Sharon already sheared the border leicesters! Didn't she only get those a couple of months ago?

Carole said...

Cute curtains!

JessaLu said...

No pictures?! What the hell. ;o)

Like the curtains!

blogless sharon said...

keep up the good work on that sweater . what a nice sea breeze you have from that deck