Happy Indepence Day!

White Horse Beach erupts into a crazy party every July 3rd. Bonfires light the water for a mile, fireworks perform in an unscripted display for hours. It is a bit awe-inspiring to see, but exhausting as well. If you see a stretch of beach without active fireworks, it means about five hundred teenagers are filling that area, getting tanked and having fistfights. I don't remember that being much fun when I was 16, but then again I was quite the geek.

Here's a crazy night-shot of the beach on Monday....

Luckily, my family and some of our best friends came to visit and save the day (or my sanity) that night. We sat on the deck and enjoyed a quick dinner-so did Scout-together. So much has happened. Kevin and Michelle have two beautiful sons- it seems like just last year Ed, Phil and I were a part of their wedding. I'm not ashamed to say I cried tons that day-Michelle was a beautiful bride, and you could see how Kevin was so moved, which I think is adorable in a big guy. Or maybe it was just joy at wearing a fantastic bridesmaid dress for a change...Thanks Michelle!
Miss Cassandra collected beach stones so we could make a cement stepping-stone for the garden with Scout's paw-print. Here we are as she carefully selects the perfect ones to create a border. Little Miss Alexandra looks on as Cassandra directs me. She's going to be quite the crafty one, but then again, so is her mother, her grandmother, and her auntie Heather.


blogless sharon said...

what a great nite. glad you bought that house on the beach