Oh Kitty Where Art Thou?

Still crossing my fingers that Nina will return. Thank you all for your support- Its hard to lose a buddy you've had for twelve years. Especially one so tiny and cute.

On a happier note, I have a horde of cops coming to my house tonight- No, we're not under arrest for being a nuisance to the neighborhood. Its a barbeque, so if you're a badge-toting badboy (or girl) in blue, please feel free to stop by for dogs, burgers, and chicken. Just remember, Project Runway starts at ten, so be quick! Police are tough, but their wives can be tougher, so don't mess with my favorite show. I love these get-togethers, as police have the most entertaining and sordid stories to tell, unless you have a soft spot for dug addicts and drunk college kids. I do not, so I can't wait!

Jess, like you said..still working on miles of stockinette stitch...and going out of my mind!


blogless sharon said...

oh no how sad we feel your pain i hope she surprises you and returns

JessaLu said...

hellacious, isn't it? ;o) It's almost like little elves rip out rows while you're sleeping...

I'm sorry to hear that kitty hasn't come back yet :o(