For The Birds

Chinese New Year crafts and decorations down, we are working now on Valentine's Day. First, I had been planning a birdfeeder craft for the kids, so we incorporated felt and some cheap beads I found in a bin at the craft store for $.50. And there you have it, Sweetheart Birdfeeders. Sending our love out there. Into the universe or whatever.

Step one: Save your toilet paper rolls.

Step two: Cut out the cups from an egg carton to fit. Little P and I took some scrap yarn and tapestry needles and poked a hole in the bottom of the cup and strung as many beads as we liked, so they could dangle down. I cut hearts out of felt (we have no shortage of felt in this apartment!) and stitched them onto the bottom. I then ran the yarn back up through all the beads and into the cup. Anchor and tie inside the cup with another bead.

Step three: Using Elmer's glue, we glued a beaded cup into the bottom of each toilet paper roll and left to dry a few hours.

Step four: Liberally smear peanut butter all over each roll. Then roll in bird seed.

Step five: Hang outside. Admire. Whistle to the hungry birds. Talk to your kids about winter and food supply, etc.


Carole Knits said...

Really cute and I love that you are feeding the birds, too. Do you see any down there that we don't get up here?