Year of the Dragon

Sundays usually find us in the city. Its a nice balance-saturdays are for nature hikes, fresh air, stretching our legs in the country. Sundays are for sightseeing in the District. There are a million free, fun things to do downtown and little P is thrilled about riding the Metro every week. Little boys....
This sunday we went to the New Year celebration on 6th Street, which I must say was a great family event! We got there just in time for the parade.
I just loved this little lion.
They handed out these paper dragons to the children. We had two, but I gave one away to a little girl that didn't get one.
We had a front row seat to the dragon dancing and the giant firecracker.
And we stopped off at Crumbs for some giant cupcakes. (Sorry Cupcake Charlie, these were better!)
On the way home, I noticed a gentleman sitting across from us on the Metro wearing a red striped knit hat, doing the crossword. We left the station and walked to our car a few moments later and came upon a small group of people, standing around a man. He was lying on the ground, face down. We had passed so many sleeping in doorways during the day, that by 6pm I was almost numb to the sight of someone laying on a sidewalk. Almost.
We walked closer. And then we saw the red hat.
I tell you this story, because I love the man that rushed to his side and assisted the man as he came back to conciousness. And because I was touched that perfect strangers were there to help, to call an ambulance, and by the worry that was on their faces. And because I still worry if the man who fell was ok, because when he could finally speak he told my husband that there was no one we could call for him and that he lived alone.
Since then, I feel reassured that people are basically good. And my husband, though he talks a tough line, is a very kind and caring person who will help his fellow man without hesitation.


Carole Knits said...

Of course Phil helped him, you are married to a good guy.

blogless sharon said...

I'm proud to be your mom