Fable Mitts Part Dos

Finished, wrapped and delivered to my husband's thai teacher before the holiday break. Ahhhh. Deep sigh of satisfaction!

I've been thinking about making a resolution this year. I usually never do-I mean, nothing ever knew. Everyday I try to do the same things, behave (whoops), eat healthy, love, forgive, spend less, etc. New Years day is not any different than any other day really. This year, instead, I have picked a word, a theme, a mantra or what you will. And this time next year I'd like to look back and see if this approach changed me and the way I handle, well, everything. So, since I tend to be too assertive and competetive in just about everything, the word is GENTLE.


This year I'd like to grow personally and be more gentle in every way. With people. With my boys. Not every encounter and challenge is conquered with force or brute strength. Some of the people I admire the most pass through their days successfully with a totally different approach. Who knows, it may not work for me at all. But it couldn't hurt to develop a softer side to balance the aggressive in me.

I hope to read this post a year from now, and reflect upon the ways I have become more gentle. Balance, ya know?